Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reality in the making of decor...

I went to CONvergence this year. I decorated two rooms this year as opposed to the one room last year. I grossly underestimated the time commitment. I thought there would be a lot of doubling up of duties, I was wrong. Both rooms served their purposes. One was more of a party room and the other more often intellectual meeting area. I really wanted to blog all about the experience but really had no time.
  CONvergence seemed a bit more low key on the party rooms. Not nearly as extravagant. I suddenly feel as though we may be setting the pace for next year. Although I doubt anyone will too my Cock And Balls theme from this years soccer playing rooster league. I'm just kidding. It was a penis and testicle themed room.
The other room was based on the movie version of Battlefield Earth. So it was really a 'masage John Travolta' room. Again i'm kidding. You walk in, lost two hours of your life and wish like hell you could get it back.
Really they were both skeptically themed rooms. One room allowed you to self vaccinate in case of alcohol deficiency, the other room you could talk to bloggers and eat delicious melon. Next year, a Greek theme for them. Add meeting intellectuals. Add discussing philosophies. Add a fountain. Add some wine. Add a vomitorium. Subtract the man/boy love. Done and done.
Damn I'm good.

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  1. w00t! And there's almost a full year to plan! We might want to make signs letting people know that the pool is NOT the vomitorium.