Thursday, July 18, 2013

Left in the car on a hot day.

It's been hot and humid here. 90+ degrees with dew points in the 70s. Every year this happens and every year they warn on the TV about how hot it gets in the car with the windows up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Closed car, hot day, blah blah blah. I've been sitting in this car in the sun with the windows up for like an hour and twenty minutes now, and sure I'm a bit sweaty, but really it's not that bad. And okay, I've barfed, but I did have leftover sushi I found on the back seat that I forgot to bring in. So that is probably the reason for that. And for some reason I can't seem to focus my eyes. and maybe I'm getting a bit dizzy. But that is normal after a few beers. Okay, seven beers. Hey, I'm thirsty.  I am having a little trouble focusing my attention. I think the biggest problem is I'm listening to the country music station and I'm kinda liking it. That is not normal. I'm usually more of a dub-step kind of guy. Huh.
I guess I'm doing okay. I thought I was doing better than my friend in the trunk because of all the screaming earlier, but he is so quiet now. I guess he is doing just fine.  
Is this a Statler Brothers song? I wonder if they are really brothers.

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