Thursday, October 2, 2014

Emergency! the tv show. Not a cry for help.

So I was watching Emergency the other day. Emergency is a seventies TV show that focuses on Roy and Jonny, two fire department emergency responders, in case you don't know. There was actually a cartoon spinoff of it that featured four kids that helped out called Emergency plus 4. I don't remember the particulars but I think the kids just stole pain killers from the truck while Roy and Jonny helped accident victims. Anyway, I was watching it and there is a scene where Roy and Jonny are helping a guy who had over exerted himself mowing the lawn or some shit. As Roy and Jonny help this dude out, there are two other firemen there and the guy's wife. The wife is a stereotypical nagging and screeching creature that is waaaaay overacted. A caricature really.
So as Roy and Jonny work on the guy, his wife is nagging him and saying he is doing it for the attention, blah, blah, blah. They cut to the two firemen watching all this happen and one fireman says to the other "It looks like they could use marriage counseling.". To which the other fireman says"...or a baseball bat.".
What the fuck?
A baseball bat.
A fucking baseball bat?
I know the seventies were a bit in the shitter as far as political correctness goes. But to hear a joke like that about beating his wife? Holy shit.

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