Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rain forest in Iowa.

The other day I was in a meeting where we were being lectured by a dude about safety. He made the point that some states have OSHA run by the federal government and some by state government. The money from fines goes to the state if the OSHA is run by the state. They use that money for roads and schools. If alicia is run by the federal government the fines go to the federal government where, as he put it "we don't know where that money goes, it could go to fund a rain forest in Iowa. They spend the money on all kinds of ridiculous things."
As we left the meeting I commented to my coworkers about the comment. After some poking fun of the reasoning that states spend their money well while the fed just blows the money on stupid crap one coworker said that a rain forest  in Iowa  was a pretty good idea.
We all agreed. A rain forest in Iowa seems like an awesome idea. I've been to Iowa. It is a bunch of flat. It could do with some heavy forestation. I understand  that it couldn't be a rain forest because of the climate but heavily forest it enough and it could get close.
I think a petition is in order.
Iowanian rain forest.
I like it.
Someone get on that.