Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How to vote Democrat

Here is how to vote if you are a Hillary supporter: vote Democrat all the way down the line.
And here is why.  If you live in an area that the majority support Hillary you will want to have Democratic House and Senate members that will support her and send up bills that she can approve.

Here is how to vote if you are a Bernie supporter: vote Democrat all the way down the line.
And here is why. If you live in a Bernie-centric area or state,  your views will be for a more left leaning candidate.  Elect those to House and Senate seats.  They will be your voice.  They will make bills that will be sent to a Democratic President.  It will do not any good to elect Bernie if the House and Senate are not willing to work with him. If Hillary is elected, you will want more Represetatives and Senators that are furthest left leaning to get more progressive bills sent to Hillary.  She will not veto a bill sent up by Democrats no matter how progressive it is.


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