Sunday, February 6, 2011

If I were rich...

If I were really rich...
I would be driven to dinner in a car and then have my expensive car delivered to the restaurant so people could see how rich I was.
I would build my mansion inside a clear geodesic dome and heat it all.
I would make bets on how fast I could lose money gambling and then lose that bet too.
I would train miniture horses to ride other horses and then race them.
I would create my own clothing line and super market it, but stop wearing it before it got really popular, so I could say I was wearing that before it was popular.
I would hire popular bands to come to my party and open for some small time local band.
I would tell Jessica Lange I loved her in King Kong.
I would start a church so I could hang out with John Travolta.
I would prank friends by knocking them out and keeping them comatose for a year and waking them up in the exact same position and place.
I would create a spam email company but wouldn't sell anything.
I would eradicate afghans. The blanket, not the people.
I would buy every ford pinto in the world and destroy them all except for one. So I had the only one left in the world.
What would you do?

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