Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anything for a prize

So I realize that most people will do anything for a prize. In online games the prize is non tangable. In real life the prize could be anything. Bragging rights, a cookie, a million dollars, a punch in the gut, It really doesn't matter. People will do anything for any crappy prize.
Reality TV is full of these people. The money seems like incentive, but it really has nothing to do with money. They could be playing for five bucks and a kick in the breadbasket and there would still be a line in every major city of people trying to get on the show.
People feeling like they accomplished something is really what it is about. Otherwise there would be no games or competitions. If only that feeling would be as great for doing a good job, or getting good grades, or being a decent human being. shit.
I'm gonna go play some wii and set a personal record for Oreo eating.

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