Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Knee deep

I am standing knee deep in water. It is ice cold. The darkness is the kind where your eyes create movement and forms. I can almost make out the outline of my hand if I hold it in front of my face. The cold is stabbing, causing flashes in front of my eyes adding to the paradolia of creatures swarming arond me. I am aware of things moving the water around me. I can feel the lapping of the water coming from all sides. I have tried to move, but the bottom is covered with broken machinery and bones. I am on the highest point I could scramble to and now I shiver and wait for the first bite to break the skin, creating a frenzy on my flesh. The continuous and uncontrolable shaking betrays my location.
Soon light will be breaking through the roof of this prisonous enclosure. I could find my way out. I could make it past the foulness surrounding me.
My right leg suddenly warms.
I know it is a poisonous bite that is causing the sensation.
I feel relief at the brief warmness, but knowing it is all pain from here to the end.

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