Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crystal skulls

In my family we have a rich tradition that I am proud to carry on. For nearly one hundred and forty years my family has been carving crystal. Crystal skulls to be exact. Our wages are paid by the areas of the world that need a greater tourism industry. There was a golden age of exploration created the golden age of adventure tourism also. My family has carved crystal for over five hundred years. Masters of the craft.
We started carving skulls upon request. A few mystical knick knacks for mystics were the first ones. Then as adventurers started returning for expeditions with large pieces of crystal wanting them carved into souvenirs. It was long before one was "discovered" in an expedition. Suddenly there were more and more being discovered all over the world and our business was booming. Everyone in our small shop was taking turns carving varieties of skulls so no two could be compared as too similar.
We were even asked to examine several of them to look for tool marks and evidence of age. It not only allowed us to check our work for any evidence of modern manufacture and clean off anything suspicious, it also allowed us to authenticate its age.
As the theories progressed we were being contacted by locals who knew expiditions were being mounted in their areas and we would provide. I had recently seen a special on TV about the mystery behind the crystal skulls. My favorite part is the lack of tool marks being evidence for authentication. Two words. Rock. Tumbler. The naivety of people will never cease to amaze me.

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