Friday, January 18, 2013

Atheist because...

I am an atheist. People become atheist for many reasons, mostly because religion starts to make less and less sense the more people digg into it until it makes no sense at all. Some people think it it's because some life event has made a person angry at God. This is never really the case, except in my case.
"Angry at God?" You say! Yes. Angry. Why would anyone be angry at God? Surely it is all part of some plan. Some deluded, aimless, incomprehensible plan to fuck with people. Oh, I'm angry all right. Not because my life didn't work out the easy I wanted. Not because my entire family, including cousins, were all killed right in front of me in a horrible family picture/out of control hot dog vendor cart accident. Not because my partner was killed two days before retirement from the police force by a ruthless gang. not because I got a B in interpersonal relations class in high school when I clearly deserved an A. Not because of LOL cats.not because of Lindsey Lohan. Not because of the tome I spent in a Bolivian prison. Not because I was trapped in an old well. Not because of Jimmy Buffet. Okay, maybe a little bit because of Jimmy Buffet. Not because of any of those reasons.
  It's because he still owes me like two months rent and I know he still has my Yes 'In The Round' bootleg. Jerk. He thinks he's funny? Well when no one believes in him anymore, we'll see whose laughing then. God, what a Dick.

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