Thursday, July 17, 2014

Coming for your guns? I don't think so.

Okay, so I'm not going to go on about gun rights. Everyone's got an opinion whether they are shitty or decent. What I am going to go on about quickly is a scenario where the government wants to take everyone's guns away. I don't believe this ever would ever actually happen. No matter how paranoid you are, it is impractical. Worst case scenario is the government would ban the sale of guns and slowly, as people committed felonies or broke gun laws, they would take them all away. More likely, they would buy them up.
The the few things I really want to cover are these.
   Who do gun owners think are going to show up to take their guns?  People act like it's going to be some nameless, faceless government employee with an Obama mask on taunting them. Who it would really be is an officer of the law, or somebody in a military uniform. Now, if the choice someone makes is to choose their gun over the life of an armed services member, that is up to them. Now if they also think that the Army will politely leave if the gun owner says no, i think they are mistaken. What would really happen is that they would probably show up with an armored vehicle and take the whole house down. Most people preparing for the apocalypse don't realize their houses made of sticks.
Another point I would make is if gun owners are really afraid of somebody coming to take away their guns, why would they join an organization like the NRA. Joining that organization is telling everyone who they are, where they live, and what guns they have. I would think it was an open invitation to take them out first. For a group of people who do everything they can to stay off the grid , they surely go out of there way to broadcast who they are and where they keep all their guns. 
  Also,  if people want to keep their guns, maybe not threatening the government would help keep a lower profile. Maybe, if the first thought in any confrontation is to use a gun,  whether to shoot some one or just scare them, maybe that is the problem.   Just some ranty thoughts.

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