Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I went to a talk on evolution

I went down to the local library and saw a talk by a super famous biological anthropologist. It was a very interesting talk. He spoke about Darwin and Victorian times and modern evolution studies. What I leaned was Darwin was pretty a progressive thinker and had great deductive reasoning. Some of his colleagues, like a guy, I think his name was Seattle Sutton or Simple Simon, or something like that, was a total asshat. The guy was afraid of races that were darker skinned than him and feared that even having them serve his food might give him some disease. Damn, I hope the cooks spit in his food.
The talk also several biased studies made since that propagate faulty reasoning that place whites on the top of the intellectual pile. One by a Sasha Baren Cohen, no that's not his name, Regis Philbin, maybe? No. Rilo Kailey? No, damn, I can't remeber his name. Anywho, he was an asshat, too. His study showed IQ and brain size differences between races. Totally crap study. What I find hardest to believe is that even after these studies have been proven to be faulty, people still rely on them for data. How do educated people start with bad data and think their study will be correct? They don't make sandwiches with bad meat and think "Well the bread is fresh so I won't get sick." those people have wasted their education, credibility, and our time.

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