Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Radio political reasoning

I heard this on NPR this morning. I wont get the quotes exactly right, but it will be close.
They were interviewing people about their choices for GOP candidates. Here in Minnesota Santorum is in the lead. How that happens, I don't know. The guy they interview first is going to vote for Newt. He says he is conservative. He identifies himself as a conservative even though he lives in liberal Minnesota. He then says all the other candidates are picking on Newt so there must be something there that makes him the right choice. Otherwise, why would they be picking on him? Um...Something there?!?
The failure of reasoning here typifies poor political judgement. He isn't the underdog. He is a disgraced congressman and a shitty husband and a fuck poor Christian and an arrogant loudmouth ass.
You know what? All of the GOP candidates are picking on Obama! You should vote for him! Dumbfuck...

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