Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The movie of my life.

What would the ending scene be if my life were made into a movie?
Maybe me, bleeding out in a museum of taxidermy. In front of a Snowy Egret.
Maybe the backside of someone walking away with my pancreas in their hand leaving a trail of blood from my cut open guts.
Maybe a splat at the bottom of a canyon like Wile E. Coyote. (Super-genius)
Maybe a shot of my swollen throat and a Little Debbie Swiss Cake wrapper clutched in my hand.
Maybe in a hospital with the standard beeeeeeeee of the heart monitor and then someones hand can do that magic 'wave the hand over the eyes to close them' bullshit thing they do in movies.
Maybe a long shot of frozen tundra and a long zoom in on my frozen open eyes.
Maybe a crappie flop finish ala Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner
Maybe riding away on a horse while some kid is yelling "Enmelishment! Come Back!"
Maybe in a duel to the death using spearguns.
Maybe a road rage incident.
Maybe in a burning cult compound in Texas with twenty or thirty of my followers.
Maybe a shot of my Addidas and track suit. A news report in the background making bad puns about "Hale Bopp with  Cyndi Lauper's She Bop as the lead in.
Maybe a blackout with a long, final exhale.
Maybe "Rosebud"
Not "Rosebud".
I can only hope it is a good movie up til that point.

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