Monday, October 8, 2012

Saint days

I have realized how religions have taken over the world in the large ways, like making everything a sin, or killing non believers, but i have realized there are much more subtle ways. There is the putting symbols everywhere, sneaking it on money, and electing politicians that are "morally" objecting to normal things. But here is one that no one thinks about. Saint days. Every day has a saint attached to it. some days have many saints attached to them. Do you want a National Athiest Day, funny how it will fall on St. Assington of Dribbleford,s day. His miracle was saving some boys from liking girls. Do you want a National Kristoffer (Kris) Kristofferson Day? Awww, it falls on Saint Rubbins of Crotcherties' Day. Self explanatory joke miracle. Want a National Day For Slipping On Ice Awareness? You should have been here in 1361 when Saint Wankering of Lubington saved the town from losing the town clock from rusting gears.
The point being, you don't get a day that doesn't already have a saint named after it. Fucking saint days. the only real was to bury them is continue to pile on more and more dedicated days til the saints are so deep that they become mulch.
Also, December 25'th is now Enmelishment Day.

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