Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gold rush tv

There is an allure about living in the Klondike and mining gold. Not the way those dudes on Gold Rush T.V. show do it. That show should be called Gold Diggin Noobs. I don't know how anyone could be less prepared for mining. I would probably read a book on mining gold before I did it. I would also probably have a plan B. It's like these guys went to Alaska to be cooks at Perkins and some drunken evening someone offered them a gold mine and they said sure.
There is another one that has two dudes who are overly muscular and they are in Africa somewhere. The keep trying all these get gold fast schemes. they need the cash because they are both in debt from the housing crash. They were realtor/developers in California. One may have been an MMA fighter or something. Holy fuck, if there were two guys I would pick to be dead inside of a month it would be these two. Constantly bickering with the locals and investors and whomever they come across. They keep trying to do these sketchy gold deals and then they get robbed. My guess is they staged the robbery for the cameras because they lost the real money on gambling, hookers, or protein powders or some stupid shit.
The last one I have seen is one where people dive into the water in Alaska and dredge the bottom for runoff gold. That one is a little bit cool but here is the problem. Apparently, no one knows how to engineer anything. How can people have so many breakdowns of equipment?
I know reality TV has to have some conflict, but really?
What I want to see is some engineering geeks built shit that works, go up to Alaska, and put all these assholes to shame. I know it has to be overdone for TV so maybe they add some football player types across the valley that they have to compete against. I just really want some smart people on TV getting rich and famous for a change. Is that too much to ask?

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