Friday, December 24, 2010


So it's close to christmas. The day before in fact. Walking down to the convienence store to get milk, I happen upon a package in the snow. Inside is twenty housand dollars in cash. I look around and don't see a soul. I grab the package a take to the street to cover my tracks. I walk casually back home dodging a few cars that are out. I get home and put the package in the basement behind my tool boxes. I sit quietly in the dark house watching the same black Chevy Suburban drive around the block three times. Ten minutes later I see three guys walk up one side of the street and down the other. One seems to be searching more agressively than the others. The one in the most trouble, I'm guessing. Another ten minutes and thy split up, knocking on doors. Any house with the lights on was getting a visit. The most nervous one stand and stares at my house for twenty minutes (five seconds), And moves on. I am gripping the stock of my 30 augt six. I know I'm not in danger. Their presence in my little quiet hood has already brougt too much attention to them and their vehicle. I still sweat. And load. And sweat. Twenty grand doesn't seem like alot of money in the grand scheme of things. Gets some bills paid, couple good nights out, a used car, or a very merry chistmas for one. Someone elses Christmas, not so merry. Probably painful.
I won't watch the news for a week. I don't want to ruin my Christmas with a crying mother or worried siblings. I want my Christmas to be merry. Damn, I still need to get milk.
That didn't really happen. I did find a fiver though and it did pay for my milk.

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