Saturday, December 25, 2010


So, I think my family might drink alot. We are sitting down for a family gathering as is typical this time of year when I realize this. I know I live in an area of the country known for it's heavy handed drinking. I've bee to the opening of the gifts morning after the wedding where they tapped a keg. I've seen a twenty year old drink a case (that's 24 cans) of beer and walk, talk an drive himself home as if comepletely sober. I've been to baptisms where they tapped a keg. I've seen bottles (yes plural) of whiskey and brandy go down in a night of friendly four handed sheepshead. Some in my family actually have to stay away from open flames if they are sweating. My uncle had to be rolled like an old tire after he lit a cigarette on a particulary hot evening and you could see him light up with a bunson burner glow when his whiskey sweat went up. Like a blunt blue Fatima apparition. Except in a Schlitz tee shirt and bluejean shorts.
Okay, that last one didn't really happen.

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