Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tomorrow is new years eve. Resolutions are common so I decided to make some. Some will be easy and some will be hard to keep but I might as well put it down on 'paper'. So here we go...
I resolve to eat better.
I resolve to shed fifteen pounds.
I resolve to procrastinate less.
I resolve to use my middle finger less while driving.
I resolve to use my gun less while driving.
I resolve to just use my gun less in other situatons. Plus I will save a few bucks on ammo.
I resolve to not spit in my coworkers coffee when I'm sick.
I resolve to stop sending anonomous envelopes containing whitepowder to elected officials.
I resolve to stop watching repo shows (easy)
I resolve to help my neighbors out when then need it. except for that one.
I reslove to stop driving drunk.
I resolve to stop driving over drunks.
I resolve to act more like Danny Glover and less like Crispin Glover.
I resolve to feel the burn.
I resolve to blog about my embelishments.

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