Thursday, December 23, 2010


So today I am out driving around. Having just welded a newer heavier duty brush guard to the front of my car I thought I should give it a try out. No brush being available, and not really why I put it on, I went to scare Beemer drivers. I start by parking overly close to a 5 series at the coop. The "I buy local by driving my fifty thousand dollar import to the coop" type. I sit in the car pretending not to notice that the driver has to crawl over he passenger seat to gt in. The new brush guard has done it's job. It screams "don't fuck with me! I'm only irritated thus far and anything you say will be incidiary." my flash point and amusement requirements are low.
The follow up is crowding the center line in downtown condoville.
Next is the blatant line cross to get the blood pumping.
Last is the cut-off. The dangerously close call that may or may not have put a seven series into a snow bank and possilby nicking a parked car.
I love my new brush guard.
Things are really looking up.
That didn't happen. I just wanted it to.

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