Wednesday, January 19, 2011

College story.

This relates to the previous post in that there is popcorn mentioned.
We had come up with the idea of filling a friends dorm room with popcorn. If anyone ever gets the idea to do this, remember to use air popped to avoid a greasy mess. I used an air popper. Three of them to be exact. Remember too, that if you decide to do this, it takes a long fucking time to pop alot of popcorn. We popped enough to fill the room about two and a half feet deep of popcorn. I would reccomend packing peanuts. The effect wasn't awesome. It was rather dull really. To get rid of it all we hosed it down with acetone and lit it on fire. Also, if you do this, take it out of the room first to avoid about two hundred thousand dollars of damage. Or not.

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