Sunday, January 2, 2011


I've spent the whole day watching the Oprah network. It's alot like a channel created for brainwashed orphans. Although, having been a brainwashed orphan, it is all starting to really make me feel at home. I remember when I was young and was playing with my Jesus action figure and making the realization about how true everything the action figure was telling me was true. If I really belive in him. a new messiah would come to the people. She would start as someone who tried to shock us with the harshness of human nature. Then she would change dress sizes and hair styles lime a chameleon changes colors. She would then show us real life miracles and the wisdom of Playboy Playmates. She really would be divine.
I realize now that my Jesus action figure was really talking about Oprah. She is the reincarnation of Jesus. I will wath her channel day and night. I will become an apostle. I will wait for the day she dies and is raised to lead us all to the promised land.
I hope they have nachos there.
I rally like nachos.

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