Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting excited about CONvergence

Slightly bigger roll this year for CON. Last year was my first year and I played it pretty low key. I didn't dress up or anything. This year I think will be different. I might go steampunk. Maybe Cthulhu. Maybe anime. Not anime. I'm not much of a computer gaming guy, so that is out. Not a bronie, not there is anything wrong with that (there is a lot wrong with that), I'm just not the My Little Pony type. I'm not the superhero type either. Sci-fi hero type maybe, but it would have to be obscure. None of that Star Wars or Star Trek stuff. Maybe a Rocketship XM, or Journey To Venus outfit. Maybe a Teletubbies/vampire/steampunk suit...
One thing I've learned is the costume has fit through doors and I have to be able to drink in it. And I have to be able to use the bathroom. Because I can tell you, you may think no one notices if you pee in a robot suit, but when when people start referring to you as the 'piss stink robot', they know.

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  1. Omigawd I have to come up with a costume for CONvergence! ...So you're saying piss stink robot is taken, right?