Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little known facts

The world is comprised of such a rich and vibrant history. There are, however, so many facts that go unappreciated, or even known. These are called "Little Known Facts." in the popular vernacular. Today, I will cover some of these facts as examples of nearly lost knowledge.
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was actually the first choice for President Of The United States? He decided not to run when it was divulged that his son was loyal to the throne and had a suit made from human babies. Little Known Fact.
Did you know that Albert Einstein had an extra tooth that he named Berty Junior that had an alien implant in it that told him to what to wear everyday, but never instructed him about physics? Little Known Fact.
The Space Needle in Seattle was supposed to have two large geodesic domes at the base, but were never built because the architect lost his testicles in a donkey basketball accident and it was too painful of a reminder. Little Known Fact.
Tom Brokaw from NBC news is a hermaphrodite and a homunculus. Little Known Fact.
The country of Iceland is home to the worlds largest ferret burger restaurant. Little Known Fact.
I could go on, and I probably will...

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