Thursday, January 19, 2012


People have a lot of hangups. I would suppose some we get from our parents and some probably caused by them, too. I know a guy that will not take a bath, only showers. It's because he thinks the dirt will stick to him from the water. He still uses hot tubs at hotels though. That seems a bit weird. I have a friend that will not share food. Not even a bite off her plate. She finds the prospect of cross contamination unbearable. She even does this with boyfriends with whom she is kissing and having sex. I went to college with a guy who hates not wearing socks. Has them on all the time, except when in bed, although I can't verify that.
I know a girl who will not touch a man's penis with her hands. She is married and has kids and claims to enjoy sex. I met a guy who will never stand to pee. He will only sit. I went to grade school with a kid who would only speak in rhyme. I met a guy in a bar that would only drink out of straws. I knew a girl who couldn't stand to be pointed at.
I don't have any hangups. Except I hate ostriches. I'm not afraid of them. They just creep me out. And I can't ride in cars. Only minivans or larger. And I don't eat solid food, wear two pairs of underwear, hate seeing feet or footwear, won't watch anything from pre-2005, hate Alan Alda and Woody Allen and Steve Allen and Karen Allen and Alan Thick.

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