Friday, March 25, 2011

Citizen Band

So I dug out an old CB radio and decided to fire it up. I was suprised to hear actual conversation. People still use this form of communication! There should be an app for that. The only reason I could think of for using a CB was in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Everyone on it talks about cops, traffic, or hemmoroids.
Breaker one nine- this is Crazy Cootie lettin' you know there's a bear in the air at mile marker 134 north bound 94.
Hey Crazy Cootie- this is Monkey Spanker Jr.- thanks for the heads up!
Breaker two one- breaker two one- this is Garden Gnome rollin up on a chow and cow. Smokin' tire and breakin' wind.
Breaker three six- this here's Fat Chicker and Table Cloth Two pullin' a load of squirrelly wax and forced impact to Clevland. Anyone got a recipe for crepes? Come back.
All I want to hear is "Help us! Zombies are everywhere!"
Whatever. Stupid CB.

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