Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pretend this post is, like six motnths after the last one. And read the previous one first if you haven't already.

So I started a bakery business in a small town in Minnesota as a cover for robbing the bank next door.. My plan worked perfectly! Six moths ago i bought a defunct bakery. I employed two associates to help with this 'business'. In a small town, starting a bakery isn't hard. We pulled some recipes from America's Test Kitchen cookbook and went to work. This gave us the great excuse of working late at night to early in the morning without arousing any suspicion.
The bank was small, but there was a gaming casino close by, so therewas a pretty healthy reserve of cash on hand. We went to work on he wall ajoining the vault with acid. Weakening the wall with acid made the stone crumble easily without making noise. Once we hit the vault wall we continued with a torch to heat small areas thereby weakening the steel and then once again using the acid to eat away slowly. Tapping lightly on the wall could give you an idea of how thick the remaining steel was.
We worked on this for five months. The fumes from the acid were blown out with the fumes from our deep friers. It covered up the caustic smell with the yummy smell of deep fried doughnuts. We carefully planned our heist to coincide with a large casino event wherethey would have one million dollars in cash on display. The night before the event the cash would be in the vault and surrounded by guards.
The big night came. We had been wekening the steel with heat for the last week and it was soft enough that a good final acid bath would get us through the last quarter inch with a hole big enough to almost walk through. After the vault was closed for the nigt and time locked, we go started. We pumped the acid through a pump to create a waterfall effect of metal disolving goodness. Two hours later we were looking on one million in nicely wrapped bundles for carrying. We shuttled the money into our delivery carts along with an additional two hundred thousand plus and right into our awaiting delivery truck. A full four hours of travel time before the time lock would pop open to reveal a vault rather empty of money but with the addition of twenty dozen freshly made doughnuts.

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