Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thoughts on robbing banks

Everytime I walk into a bank, the firt thing I do is check out the security. Now, I've never robbed a bank, but it does seem tempting. I usually walk in with my head down, looking for sensors and infared and seeing if the floor gives slightly for a pressure sensor. I really don't bother looking for cameras. They are everywhere and any thief worth their salt will cover the face enough to not be recognized or be facial reconition scanned.
I realize there are two things you need to do if you want to rob a bank during the day (I would not do this myself because the risk is too great and the payoff will not be alot) first, have a plan for inside the bank down to the amount of time spent in the bank. Second, have a flawless getaway. I mean flawless. No diving around town trying to switch cars and crap. Too much risk.
I would try a night time robbery. Extra time, no people, easier getaway. Plus you can sell the movie rights later. It has to be good though. Like dig through from the unerside of yank a wall off the vault. I think I would pick a bank in a moderately small town for starters. Low security, plenty of room to run. Do a dig through from an empty store front next door, grab the money quick, pop a few safety deposit boxes and hit the road. Maybe wintertime so I could make an exciting snowmobile getaway. Take off through town, get on a frozen river to a waiting car parked in an obscure area. Take the car to a main road, swing into a rest stop where I have another car waiting to hit the road.
Not that I've thought about this. Just every time I go into a bank.

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