Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So I was thinking that maybe I should write a manifesto. It does sound a bit diabolical and I like that. I wonder if people write manifestos thinking to themselves "I need to write a manifesto! So, when I'm arrested, people all over the world will know exactly what I was thinking when I mailed those bombs. It will make sense to them. They will understand and agree!". I bet they do.
What they should really have is a proof reader or editor. Someone who can change 'war pigs and lizard people' into 'the military industrial complex'. It just sounds nicer. Really someone who can shave two to three inches of crazy off the six inches of crazy lawn growing across their brain.
I think the real challenge here is going to pick a topic for this thing. Then the matter of spinning off topic as far as I can. Maybe is six or seven directions. The wrap up should be easy though. Always end with 'DIE, DIE, DIE!' or 'Vengence will be MINE!' or some bible quote like 'God wiped the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher.' Venetians 2:42.
And get a proof reader.

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