Friday, March 18, 2011

Holy shit! You are crushing my soul.

It's a good headline! Nothing is crushing my soul. If I had a soul I probably would have sold it by now. It is a bit foolish for people to think a soul would be worth so much to the devil that he (I use 'he' loosly here because 1)wrong to think of the devil in gender form and 2)the devil really doesn't exist. Duh.) would bestow some power to a mortal to get one.
If I had a soul I would use it to gain something better than awesome blues guitar skills. Why not ask for something really great? Something truly incredible. Like ESP or telekinesis. Auto lie detector, invisibility, great mocha making skill, point and orgasm, oprah, transformer ability, healing ability, communicate with animals. Fuck, really, you are going to choose something that can be done by simply alot of practice? Sell your soul to play guitar really good so you don't have to practice fo a couple hours everyday? And don't belittle the mocha making skill mentioned above. It is an inborn skill! If it were just practice, starbucks wouldn't have such shitty mochas.
People are dumb for thinking anyone would sell a soul to gain fame. No, people are jealous when they think someone would sell a soul for fame.

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