Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Got pulled over by the cops this morning.

On my way to work this morning I got pulled over by the police. I was at a four way stop and was turning left. Everyone was taking turns but going really slow. I stopped , waited for the guy to my right to go. Slowly, he pulls away from the stop sign. Crosses the intersection and I pull in behind him quickly. My tires chirp a bit as I round the corner. To my left is a cop parked. He was hidden from view by the building and put his lights on immidiately. He does a u turn and I am just about to turn into my parking ramp at the end of the block when he catches up to me. I pull over. He gives me a ticket for speed too fast for conditions. $142.00.
So those of you who have read my blog before are asking "Where is the action? The burning cop cars, the imminant death?". This is an actual true story from my life. Sad, but true. My job as a bounty hunter/test pilot-boring same old same old. My time in the marines as a sniper/lion trainer-dull. I can't tell you why I was a lion trainer in the Marines, but believe me, it is dredfully bland. I spent my childhood in the West Bank in Israel, moved to Germany as the wall was coming down, and went to high school in Japan at an Anime school for mutants and robot. Bland. This is why I don't tell you about my life. It's dull.

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