Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here is what I think is wrong with scientists and their shit. They can't tell us what it means. Literally and practically. Great, you science people made a great discovery and it is you. Then you try to tell the world and what comes out is blah blah tech blah protons blah hemoglobin (tee hee that word sounds dirty) blah riboflavin anemia blah de blah blah. Then, all the hype disappears along with the funding.
What needs to be done is a translator needs to be hired. And a PR person. And a props person. And an ideas person.
Science invests billions into research and let's the ideas die on the vine. What they need to do is put some of that money into a translator to make it understandable to the average ass hat like me. Then get an ideas person to come up with practical applications that people can get excited about. Realistic ideas that can be achieved in a year, two years, and five years out. Hire the props person to make a cool model of what it is. Build a giant DNA strand, a pretend teleporter, a giant laser, a mockup of a space telescope array for the moon, what the hell ever. People like something they can look at in three dimensions. And make it shiny. People love shiny crap. Then get the PR person to make it sound exciting even if it boring and/or dumb. Fuck, if Pajama Jeans sell, anything will if promoted well enough. Them sit back and watch the funding dollars pour in.

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