Monday, June 20, 2011

Member that time? Member, member?

Hey, member that time in college? When we were drunk and you kicked the side view mirror off that car? Member? Member that time we were at the bar and you almost got into that fight? Member that time we were drunk in the park and we were rolling bums? Member that time we skipped class to get high in the parking lot? Member that time you almost won the Nobel prize? Member that time we heckled the Pope? Member that time drove the Paris to Dakkar road rally and we were totally drunk? Member that time we hot air ballooned so we could spit on people? Member that time we talked lime Canadians? Member that time we went to the casino and lost our student loan money? Member when we had to make it back by giving blow jobs in the park? Member when we flipped and burned that cop car? Member when we would drive real slow through the rich neighborhoods in my crappy car just to sweat the rich folks? Member when we rushed the stage at Lillith Fair and flashed the audience? Member when you failed that math quiz? Member that time we went to the hospital after that knife fight? Member that? Member?
Damn, I miss college.

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