Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spending the day on the couch

So I am giving myself a lazy day. I am determined to stay on the couch as much as possible. I have food and drink and movies. Sigh. Lots of time to think about my life. I haven't really done alot with my life. Nothing really memorable. Maybe a bucket list is a good idea. I would start by getting off this fuckin couch. Second: probably getting a good meal. Third: have a drink that costs more than 100 bucks an ounce. Fourth: be in a movie. Fifth: steal a baby. 6) rob a store 7) eat cheese til I'm full 8) play Pac Man again. 9)see U2 live. 10)shiv a prisoner from a rival gang. 11) punch a Disney chacter at Disney world. 12)throw out a first pitch at a baseball game. 13) finish a puzzle. 14) finish a book. 15) learn woodburning. 16) get a tatoo. 17) tatoo someone else. 18) ride in a submarine. 19) try heroin. 20) fly a plane 21) hijack a plane. 22) make a few prank phone calls 23) bomb a church 24) dance in the rain. 25) burn a police car.
That is a good start to a list. I think I'll get started on that right now I've got about four pounds of cheese in the fridge. Number seven, check!

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