Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Got some things

Got some things. Issues, if you will. I don't understand human nature. I just don't get it. I don't get when people say they know and love someone who is gay but don't think they should be allowed to marry. I don't understand when people put the word the in front of groups of people. Like The Jews or The Blacks or The Scientists. It's something I call people out on now. I don't understand how facts do not convince people of global warming. I need to do a public service announcement like the "It gets better" campaign. Only I would call it the "Fuck You" campaign.
Fuck You for being a bigot
Fuck You for thinking equality for someone else means inequality for you
Fuck You for not believing a consensus of scientists
Fuck You for belittling someone's emotions
Fuck You for being ashamed
Fuck You for being proud
Fuck You for living beyond your means
Fuck You for thinking your income is a status
Fuck You for supporting hate
Fuck You for picking religion over science
Fuck you for not having faith in humanity
Fuck You for being a glutton
Fuck You for thinking none of this applies to you
Fuck You for being sedentary in your thoughts
Fuck You for making excuses
Fuck You for letting someone else take the blame
Fuck You for taking someone elses credit
Fuck You for not saying thanks

I like it. It seems a bit over the top though. Maybe a bit preachy? I think it would quickly degrade into F U for being a hominid or F U for being Quasimodo or Quatzequatel or Quing Quong or some such thing. But maybe that would be for the better.

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