Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Out of town guest

This is what happens when you miss a call. The call goes to voice mail, then you forget you got a call because you're busy. After a long day at work you look at your phone and remembered yo let that call go. It's from your friend from college you haven't seen in years. Listening to the message you realize you are going to have a visitor. For the weekend. There goes your plans. You would have said something about meeting up for supper or go out for drinks, but now it is for the weekend and a guest on the couch. I go home and pull out some blankets. And wait. Two hours after the appointed time the door bell rings. I put on my best fake smile. Greetings, handshakes and a hug ensue. Come ins, a quick tour, and the small talk about renovations and remodeling. Sit downs, beers, and more small talk. Chit chat chit chat whaaaa? Getting divorced, need to find a new job, affair with the bosses secretary, boss was the father in law, DUIs, and needing a new start. Wow. Me. Flabbergasted. Ummmmm...sure, sure, sure. Heavier dutied drinks, drunken glory days memories, drunken crying, and to bed.
Next day a fresh start involving a tour around town, a good lunch, and a walk around the lake for a little head clearing. Two days later the job search and apartment search begin. It goes well with a few hopes. And no to working where I work, even temporarily. Two weeks and one interview. More drinking and less small talk. Two days later and the police are knocking on my door. I turn around and see the lack of a suitcase by the sofa. I'm thinking that maybe it's been good we haven't seen much of each other since college. Grifter, conman, professional thief, and part-time bookie. My phone is vibrating in my pocket. Am I missing anything? No. Just another phone call.

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