Sunday, May 8, 2011

Candidate choices

It was election time recently in the UK, Australia, Canada and other places with a queen on their money. When voting, picking a candidate can be tough. Often times I vote for the least evil of the bunch and hope for a better choice next time. Others pick along party lines, this gives us the candidate who was recently arrested for human trafficking still getting twenty percent of the vote. Once heard "I don't want a president who's smarter than me. I want someone who I can sit down and have a beer with.". That president got us into two wars and an economic tailspin. Yeah, I want a president smarter than me. Hell, I want one with fucking x-ray vision and spider sense. I want Einstein, Noam Chompsky, Ralph Nader and Zeus all rolled into one. Anyone who wants someone dumber than them is obviouly working their way down a short ladder. Yeah, vote for the guy with the Velcro shoe straps and the helmet. Or maybe they are waiting to wheel out the third Bush kid, the one no one talks about. If you want some one dumber that you as president, instead of going somewhere to vote, scrawl VOTIN' BUUTH on your bathroom door and place you vote in the appropriate porcelain receptical.

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