Friday, May 6, 2011

sculpture gardens

In Minneapolis there is a sculpture garden at the Walker Art Museum. It is where the Spoon And Cherry Bridge is. Anyone looking up Minneapolis will see a picture of it. I have often wondered about getting some art displayed there. Not through 'legal' methods. I mean what would it take to sneak a sculpture in. Get a plaque made describing the work, pur a small concrete slab to put it on. I bet it wouldn't be that hard.
Here's the plan. First build a base at home. Make it out of a wooden frame cover it with a thin layer of concrete so it looks solid. Leave holes so you can pour concrete and water into th base on site. You get the look without having to wait for cure time.
Next, build a sculpture large enough to be in the garden. Make it in small pieces that will sleeve together on site. You don't want bolts or anything that would take time to assemble.
After you have those parts, make a plaque. Something light and paint it like the other plaques.
Now what you need is people. About a dozen. It seems like alot, but there are security concerns that need to be addressed that require people. First there are cameras. So iwould choose a foggy night. Second, these places usually have sound detection of some sort so wear quiet clothing or have a friend take the muffler off their car and drive slowly around the block several times. Third, and here is where the number of people come in, they have infared fencing around the perimeter. What is going to have to happen is a system of passing everything over the top of this fence so as not to break the beam.
So, once you get set up down the block, carry everything you will need at once. Get all but two people inside the perimeter. Those two will hand everything over the fence and then stand as lookouts. The other ten get the material to the spot and quickly get down the bace and pour some concrete into the frame. The assembly will make a bit of noise, so have everything sleeve together tightly so it is hard to remove but easy to go together. Get it together and run.
Now you are an artist!

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