Monday, May 16, 2011

Time for a change.

I woke up one morning and thought to myself a change is in order. I wrote a note to the roommate, packed a bag, threw it in the van and started to drive. Two days later I pull into Jordan Valley, Oregon. Really small town near the border of Idaho. I spot a help wanted sign on the window of The Old Basque Inn. They are looking for a busser and dishwasher. I take the job. I pull into the Sahara motel and get a room for a month for $475.00. Probably 3/4 of what I will make in the next month, but I'm not too worried.
Over the next month I pick up a few morning shifts a a short order cook to supplement my income. The regular guy, Eric, like to play hooky now and again to get some fishing in at the Antelope resevoir. I find a room for rent down the street and move in there. It's starting to feel like home. I make a few friends over time and end up managing the rodeo/fair grounds as a side job and part time manage at the Old Bisque. The owners there are going to be retiring soon and are taking longer and longer vacations. Jim keeps dropping hints that he wants me to buy the place from him and Shirley. "I'll think about it." I say. And I do. Two years later I'm the owner of the Old Bisque Inn with a under new management sign above the door. Time
wears on and I find a nice woman that I settle down with. We have a couple of children and are living the American dream. The kids eventually go off to school and me and the wife are empty nesters with a new lease on life. A young man walks into the Inn looking for work. Four years later he is the new owner of the Old Bisque Inn. As a gift I give him the 'under new management' sign. Glad I kept it all these years. Me and the wife, Jean, head on down to Puerto Rico with our retirement money and live like royalty. We have a nice house up in the hills and a couple of servants and run a nice business trafficking cocaine into the the states through a little town in Oregon. Glad I made a change.

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