Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everybody was, in fact, Kung Fu fighting.

Walking down the street today I pass a karate place. I see all the people inside in their little lines all chopping and kicking in unison. I step inside and watch for a bit. I think, I can take them. Most are wearing green or brown belts. Not much real world experience by the looks of them. That is about to change. I walk toward the instructor grabbing a rattan stick off the shelf of weapons. The look on his face changes enough to get the every student to look my way. Four more steps and the first one is going down from a punch. Softy. The second takes a snap kick to the thigh and a clap from the stick and is down. The instructor is making an attempt to jump between me and the remaining five. I allow his inertia to carry him past me with a little assistance from a roundhouse. I bet myself I can get two more before he comes back at me. I win this bet with an easy sternum poke with the stick and a quick leg sweep to the next. The instructor comes back at me attempting a tackle. I pull one of the three remaining students toward me and into the path of his lunge. I hear their heads come together with a sound telling me I will have a bit of time. The last two students are backing away. "These classes aren't helping." I say. I think I'm done here. I walk out the front door and continue my walk. Two blocks down I spot an archery range. This should be interesting.

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