Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Governing the governable

So, in having a conversation with a friend(yes, even the anonomous have friends.) we were discussing the way government works. Wondering why we don't put scientists in charge of science, teachers in charge of teaching, engineers in charge of building bridges. And everything would be made out of Legos. How awesome would that be? Totally awesome! Well, not paper. Or things that needed to be metal. Okay the Lego thing was dumb. Maybe just easily repairable. Also we would create human/animal hybreds. Panther man and cheetah girl. That would be awesome. Cross breeding might be a problem. I don't think turtle guy and badger girl will make cute offspring. Okay, maybe we don't need that much diversity. On the other hand who would make a turtle guy? Fuckin turtle guy? Never happen. Panther guy, hell yeah, turtle guy, fuck no.
I would also make race car drivers design roads and trucks would get their own roads. Cities would that Personal Rapid Transit system installed and bikes would get thier own pathways. And no fixies.
Wouldn't be any religion either. Too much drama in religion. I think the only option is going to be colonization of another planet. So someone get on that. Thanks.

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