Friday, May 6, 2011

If you can dream it...

If you can dream it, you can create it.
That is the tag line for the Wii drawing pad. It sounds like a commercial for Inception. I think it's a bit of a stretch for a drawing board. Even inception seemed weak on the imaginative side. Dream it-create it.
I think I would start with a walk down a birch tree lined lane, late summer. Air getting crisp and the first leaves turning. The gravel crunching underfoot. Walking slowly toward a point where the trees and trail end in a soft grassy knoll. Just past, the world falls away into a mist. Beautiful, right? Dream this. The scent, the sound, the sight, the monster robot climbing out if the mist, it's open cockpit a perfect fit for your humanity, a place to shed your morals, no right or wrong in fucking dreamland pal! Guns blazing, leaping forward, crushing village and voice under the whirring din of the machine, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails mash-up blazing in your ears, screaming for vengence and glory. Flames spinning around the mech as the legs melt out from under you and the fall to earth becomes a flight into the void. It's staring back and it echoes through the hole that was your soul and it knows it's found a host. Then you are petting puppies. Cuz they is soooo cute. Lol! Dream it. Don't bother with the creating. It will never match your expectation. Except for the puppies part. Lol. Puppies. Tee hee.

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