Sunday, April 17, 2011

End times

So here are some thoughts on the End Times. For starters, the people who believe they will be saved are pretty boring people. There are only so many 'clean' jokes I can hear in one night. There are only so many 'and then I got a Bingo!' stories I can listen to and only so many bible verses I can hear before my ears actually start to swell and I have to yell "Hey, man! Harry Potter is not the devil! It's a story!".
I swear, most of these people are thinking things are going to be so much better in the next life. How about you try living this life? I heard once there are only 100,000 and some people getting pulled up to heaven in the Rapture. How many rapture believers are there? There is going to be some really disappointed people. Thnk how angry they are going to be. They would probably take that rapture bumper sticker off their car, because it would be really embarrassing still driving around. Everyone would be like "Oh snap!". I would be so pissed off!
I wonder how many End Times have been announced. The 2012 Mayan calander one is pretty funny to me. Could you imagine if everyone freaked out at the end of every calander? New Years Eve would be a drastically different holiday. It would be great if at the end of the Mayan calander some Mayan dude walked up and flipped the rock face over and under it was another 10,000 year calander. With kitties on it. And a dentist appointment already scribbled in. Dr Ramirez-2:30 teeth cleaning and whitening. That would be awesome.
Lighten up. If the world is gonna end, we arn't gonna know in advance. Unless it's a meteor. Then we should have enough time to get Bruce Willis in a spaceship. Not to save us, just so we don't have to listen to his singing. Who wants to die listening to that crap?

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