Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here we go...

I'm waiting to get on a plane. I can see the rain pouring down on the Tarmac. I see the rain running off the wings of the plane. It is an uneasy sight to see the deluge that I will be travelling in. The announcements come across the P.A. system in a tinny foreign voice. I can't understand the language but I've been in enough airports to understand the call to board by the tone of the announcer. I always board last no matter where I am sitting. This time however, is different. I need to be on that plane as soon as possible. I wait for my section to be called. I hear the numbers, grab my bag, and stand. I take one step and hear my name. It is being spoken loudly and with authority. I turn slowly around to see the badges being held up, the other hands rest on the top of holsters. I put both hands up and forward. My thoughts coalesce the air in front of me. I hear a dull clink as the first badged hand hits my transluscent shield followed quickly by the thud of a body hitting the same. I can only back away. I know what they see is like a two way mirror. I can see them they see themselves. I see weapons being drawn. I quickly get on the jetway and break into a run. My wall disolves within seconds of changing focus. I know there is a door at the end of the jetway that opens to a spiral stairs. What is a very wet, open air stairway to the tarmac. I grab the handle and barely turn it before the wind whips it open. I am stepping two steps at a time. One hand on the railing sliding downward, one hand on the center pole holding my body in from the force wanting to push me out into the void. How I hate rain.
I hit the tarmac and my inertia pushes me to my knees. I stand, place my hands up and block the stairs. It gives me a few moments to survey my surroundings. I see an out. I run to the baggage cart, jump on, and head tothe closest hanger.
I get up to hanger and jump off the cart. I reach the man door and it is open. I can hear the voices behind me. In this rain I know they must be close if I can hear them. I step through to a comepletely empty hanger. The only thing I can do is get inside and seal the door. I put my hands up and the shield will block the entrance. I move as fast as I can across the floor to the door on the opposite wall. As I get to it I drop focus. I plunge through the door and back into the rain. I hate rain.
I get three steps before I am blind sided by someone smart enough to run around to the backside of the hanger. I slip into darkness as my head bounces off the concrete.
I hate rain...

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