Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I was gonna..

I've seen a few of the '100 things you don't know about me' threads on the net. I was going to do one, then I realized I don't know a hundred things about myself. Whether people know them or not, there are just not a hundred things.
Some of things peoeple put out there are just not very interesting anyway. I don't care if you like Disney movies. Don't care if you can relate to Velma from ScoobyDoo. Don't care if you love Jesus. Don't care if you don't. Don't care if you sniff markers, shoot heroin, burn bums, (okay, burning bums is horrible and wrong. Sicko.), get off on pokemon, collect state spoons, or giggle every time you fart. Really don't.
Everybody has what they think is crazy, but mostly it's not. Humans (yes, you.) are either proud or ashamed of what makes them different. People who are proud of it end up with normal, uneventful lives. Peole who are ashamed of it usually go to ivy league schools and try so hard to be normal their otherwise extraordinary lives pass them by without notice. Fucking people.
Get your freak on, just don't tell me about it. I'll read it off your sleeve.

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