Monday, April 4, 2011

My big secret

So, as it is, I am relatively anonomous with the blogging and the Twitter. There are two people who know who I am and probably a few more that could guess if they bothered to hunk about it. I really don't do it for any reason other than my own amusement. Plus no one bugs me for autographs or over analyzes my work. Plus, this way I can speak my mind without it coming back to haunt me.
So that is not my only secret. I can write all about hem here because of my anonymity. Like I was in the Navy and worked on covert human testing of viagra. Explains alot about the Navy, doesn't it. I was a cat juggler on an underground circus circuit. I lay one egg a day like a chicken. I pretend to be human even though I am. I can add, subtract and divide but I can't multiply numbers. I have an aversion to sporks and will never eat KFC because of it. I like the taste of rabbit food and get high if I smoke catnip. I can't back up a vehicle unless it has a trailer attached. I speak two languages, English and a Latin/Egyptian/Cherokee hybred language the when spoken angers people enough fights will break out. I can't tell a knock knock joke without ruining it. I am in the top .001 percent in IQ. The bottom .001 perctent in social ability. I thought that was because I was smart, turns out it's because I can't chew with my mouth closed due to my homemade braces. I hate James Bond films. I also never lie. My mother is a descendant of Pope Hazelhurst II and my dad I have never seen from the front.
I have alot more, but those are the highlights. Probably.

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