Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peeps part 2

It's fun giving people lives outside of their lives. I am going to do part 2 right away, it was that much fun. One who's life has been pretty exciting without me making up a life for is James Randi. I still think he has an underground lair with a great hall lined with candles and a giant throne. Above it reads 'King James The Debunker'. He is like King Arthur and Merlin rolled into one. Always near is Sir Grothe in his highly polished armour. Smoooove.
PZ Myers. I always think PZ is a bit like Don Quixote. Except the windmills really are giants but the majority of the population still sees windmills. Skeptics are represented by Sancho. We follow because we believe in him as a fighter of giants. Even the ones WE don't see. I think instead of a lance, he carries a laptop on a sling which he operates with one hand and slaps rosaries out of he hands of believers with the other. I pretend he really does that. I really do.

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