Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My (not Easter) peeps.

There are a few podcasts I listen to. I like to make up stories about what they do when they are not making podcasts. Like Richard Dawkins. Secretly I call him Saint Atheist. When he is not teaching or giving talks or writing books, I imagine him in a dim library with twenty foot ceilings. Books and artifacts from the dawn of time, shelved floor to ceiling. He hovers two inches above an old well worn leather chair. In one hand is a cup of tea. He gently puffs on a hookah packed with knowledge and truth of history.
Maybe a little over dramatic. Or is it?
I think of the Skeptics Guide To The Universe guys as a south Boston gang. Wearing hoodies and laptops connected by wallet chain. They carry baseball bats with words engraved on them. Words like 'science' and 'prove it' and 'truth' and 'moderate speculation'.
That doesn't include Rebecca Watson. I think she spends her time on skype and riding around Buffalo on a bicycle. In the basket on the front is a laptop and sandwiches.
One of my favorite podcasts is Righteous Indignation. I always imagine Tristan Swale as an artistic looking guy wearing a turtleneck and drinking bottled water with a flask of scotch. I imagine him walking around and being a running commentary of critiques. I always think Hayley Stevens is the person with the pixie voice who will punch the woo right out of a person and replace it with skepticism and fist. Mostly fist.
I know that is not how these people really are, but it's what I think of when I hear them.
That was kind of fun. Maybe next post I can do Skeptic Zone, PZ, Randi, and Dunning. Okay, not Dunning.

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