Friday, April 22, 2011

Planet Green and words o' wisdom.

Every time I turn on TV lately it seems all the stations are showing shows about ghosts, the bible, UFOs or the apocalypse. When I was younger and was looking for 'answers' as it were, these shows would have interested me. The unfortunate thing is that I would gave befitted from a show that explained how things really worked. All shows about the apocalypse could be summed up in one show. Part 1) history of doomsday prophecies. Part 2) prophecies for the future. Part 3) everyone has been wrong so far, that won't change. Done.
UFO shows are all speculation and eyewitness accounts from people with troubled pasts. And the bible shows...need I say more?
My biggest problem is that they are on channels like Planet Green, Discovery Science, and History. What would really help the whole world if these shows were on a channel called Speculation, or Bullshit, or Oprah. I think back to when I was younger and searching for some direction to go with my life and how much easier it would have been if someone said "Don't believe what comes out of peoples mouths. It could just as well be coming out of their ass.". Evidence is one of the most sought after things in my life. I wish it were the same for TV producers.

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