Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I had this idea for a skit...

It's kinda a horrible premise but I though I would bounce it before I fleshed it out any more. I think it's one I would let someone else make if they wanted to.
It would be a documentary on the great clown/mime wars. Focusing on the horrible treatment of mimes by clowns in the prison camps. Of course there would be no walls on the camp, but the mimes would pretend there was. And the clowns would just hold their hands in the gun shape. There would be the 'clowns lining up the mimes to see how many mimes a squirting flower would go through'. Mimes being herded into the showers and being sprayed with actual water. Mimes pretending to dig under the fence to escape. Clowns using mimes for experiments. Like the extreme lengths one can hide in barrels and how many times one can be 'splashed' with confetti filled water buckets before breaking into laughter.  Seeing how many mimes fit into a clown car. You get the picture. Too much right?
Maybe I could just say it is a metephor...

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